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Be Intentional

November 15, 2021

Be Intentional

Your teams? Well trained. You've been able to equip them with the knowledge and skills to be effective advocates for your brand. But expertise isn't everything they need to excel at their highest version. The confidence factor just hits different when expertise & superior fashion converge. Whether it's a boardroom, conference room, or breakroom, a well-dressed individual has a unique ability to command a higher level of attention and intrigue. Our premium shoe designs are bold, and the message they give is clear- "I am intentional." 

"People who are intentional stand out in a crowd; Intentional in what they wear, how they speak, their use of time, setting goals and following up. Each of these will increase the confidence other people have in you and your cause. Without exception, every time I wear my custom blue & red double monk Caffaros with well-matching pants & dress shirt, people take notice." Aptive- Senior Director, Derrick Royce, Provo, UT 

The ability to make a statement for professionals throughout your company is an incentive your team won't forget. It can be achieved through our corporate partnership program, which we are excited to announce!

“Caffaro shoe designs are bold, and the message they give is clear- "I am intentional.”


Starting October 2021, Caffaro Shoes will be forming exclusive outfitter partnerships with Salt Lake & Provo/Orem metro-based companies. These partnerships will include full clothier fashion fittings with our Executive Team EJ Caffaro & Kenneth Boggs for your designated team members. For companies with 50+ program participants, branded shoe collaborations & dynamic volume pricing. 

"I love this company's story! These guys are doing it right! The shoes they make are incredible, and the quality is second to none. We gave these shoes to our executive team this year as a gift, and our teams loved them. Can't say enough about these guys and the shoes they make!" - Alpine Home Medical - President, Jay Broadbent"  

We are ready and available to discuss specifics of how this program will look on your team. To get your company on the reservation list for our program, click HERE to access the request form.

New to Caffaro Shoes & Kenneth Boggs? Learn more: 

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