The Delano

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Shoe Sizes

6 9 1/4 23.5
6.5 9 1/2 24.1
7 9 5/8 24.4
7.5 9 3/4 24.8
8 9 15/16 25.4
8.5 101/8 25.7
9 101/4 26
9.5 107/14 26.7
10 109/16 27
10.5 103/4 27.3
11 1015/14 27.9
11.5 111/8 28.3
12 111/4 28.6
12.5 111/2 29.2
13 119/14 29.5
13.5 123/4 31
14.5 12 31.2
15 121/8 31.4
15.5 121/4 31.7
16 121/2 32
16.5 123/4 32.5
17 13 33

Shoe Width

D Normal 4 10.16
EE Wide 4.4 11.17
EEE Extra Wide 4.7 11.93

How to measure your feet to determine size & width

While there are many benefits to shopping online, one of the drawbacks is making sure you purchase the right size. To increase your likelihood of a perfect fit, we have provided a shoe fit guide.

What you’ll need

2 sheets of paper

A pencil

A ruler

  1. 1—Step down on a piece of paper & trace the outline of your foot. (Measure both feet.)
  2. 2—Use the ruler to measure the length of your foot from the longest toe, to the back of your heel. Write down this number.
  3. 3—Measure the length of your foot across the widest part of your foot. Write down this number.
  4. 4—Compare your foot measurements to those on our Length size chart.
  5. 5—Compare your foot measurement to those on our Width size chart.
Measure length
Measure width

Premium materials

Craftsman made

Free u.S. Delivery

A single monk design in polished cognac leather with a hand-painted patina finish. Features a subtle square toe and a red leather sole with rubber button traction. Each pair of Delano's comes with a cedar wood shoe tree.

Handcrafted in spain

Pairing premium materials and traditional crafstmanship, each pair of Caffaro shoes is hand-painted and constructed with time-honored methods.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Moe Alabbadi
Exceptional Elegance and Comfort

The Delano Shoes were the epitome of perfection on my wedding day. Crafted with finesse, the sleek design, premium materials, and perfect fit make every step a pleasure, and the craftsmanship was impeccable. The snug fit kept me comfortable throughout the celebration. These shoes not only elevated my look but added an extra layer of joy to the most memorable day of my life. I can confidently say the Caffaro Shoes made me feel like a king on my wedding day. A must have for any gentleman seeking both style and luxury.

Jonathan McKinney
The Delano - they're worth it!!

I recently stumbled upon a remarkable brand of high-end men’s dress shoes that I can’t help but leave a review for. I have the Delano; these shoes exude timeless elegance and sophistication. Given their slim profile, I would recommend you size up one size. Their craftsmanship is evident in the quality stitching, premium materials, and hand-painted finish. What’s truly impressive is the subtle, yet distinctive branding underneath, which sets them apart without being overbearing. From business meetings to special events, these shoes have become my go-to choice. If you’re in search of quality and style, these shoes are an absolute must-have.

Carson Williams
Best shoes out there!

Incredible all around! The experience of designing the shoe was great and simple and the shoes are simply amazing. They are very high quality and you can’t help but feel elite when you wear them.

Aaron Earnest
Subtle not subtle excellence

The smallest of details make the largest impact; we see it in all of our businesses and we notice the absence of it when we’re the customers.

This shoe and this company have incorporated all of the experiences (smart business owners all the way through the spectrum to being a happy client) and melded them into a unique and impressive trophy.

I intend to collect them all in time. The best shoes ever.

Vincent Caffaro
Elegant Shoes

Received my first pair on my birthday. I was so impressed from the packaging to the quality, comfort and fit. Caffaro shoes have a unquie look and feel that surpase other top brands. A new company that has the vision, style and fortitude to become one of the best in the industry. When wearing Caffaro shoes they instantly give me a sense of pride. I must say the name is Classy.